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CARAMEL SALON 17782943344  

101-2828 152nd Avenue Surrey BC

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2342 Granville Street Vancouver BC Canada V6H3G3

Haircutting Services

your haircut and styling session will be performed by a designer trained in our systems, and who understands (like all the best hairdressers do), that it's not what we cut off that's important, it's what we leave.While we have many levels of experience and pricing, all of our designers are capable of achieving what you want. 

Level 2 Stylist              from   $35
Level 3 Stylist                $40- $55
Level 4 Stylist                 $60- $80  

Colouring Services

your colour service will be performed by a designer who understands that blondes like to be bright, brunettes like to be rich and that redheads are individual.


Root Colour                   $80 minimum

Highlights                     $125 minimum

Balayage & Ombre       $125 minimum

Glosses and Toners     $60 minimum

*we cannot quote colour over the phone. If you would like a specific price in advance, contact us for a complimentary consultation at your convenience.
*colour highlighting and balayage pricing does not necessarily include toners.
*colour services include finishing but styling may not always be performed by the colourist.

Styling Services

all finishing services are included in your cut or colour, though we may have an additional charge for excessively long or thick hair or if you'd like to have your hair put up or set in a specific way. add-on services like this range from $10-$25


shampoo/ blow-out    $30-$60

up-styling                     $50-$90

bridal styling                $90 minimum

*please note all brides must have a trial styling session. your day may be stressful enough without you not getting the hair you want.

Olaplex Treatments

Olaplex is the first and only true miracle in hairdressing. Olaplex can repair even the most damaged hair, and can help make your damaging bleach services far gentler. We fully endorse Olaplex as a true, unique hair repair treatment.
As a stand-alone service, Olaplex treatments are the cost of a shampoo blowdry plus the below pricing. We use Cellophane as a carrier for our stand-alone Olaplex treatments and we believe it is the single best treatment available for damaged hair. You have to experience it to believe it.
As an add-on to your colour or cutting service, treatments are an additional:

short hair                     $30 

medium hair                $50

long or thick hair         $70

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CARAMEL SALON 17782943344                        101-2828 152nd street surrey BC

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