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Since 1998, Michael Levine has been training new hairdressing talent in one of the best apprenticeship programs ever offered, filling all of his salons only with graduates of his training. This system has consistently developed some of the best hairstylists working in Vancouver today.


Frustrated with the skill-level and how ill-prepared most applicants coming into the salons from other Vancouver hairdressing schools were, Michael knew he and his team could do better, and in a shorter time than other hairdressing schools.


This is a new kind of hairdressing school, focused on developing young talent that can thrive in any salon, in any city. The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy is simply the best hair school in British Columbia.


To provide our students with the most intensive professional hairdressing school training in Vancouver, focusing on the technical, behavioural and service skills to ensure our graduates are truly prepared to enter into any professional salon environment and have a prosperous, rewarding career in hairdressing.


The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy course runs for 6 months, with classes 3 days a week from 10am- 6pm

The program cost is currently $8500, textbook cost of $800 (textbook is now all course material loaded on a new iPad, which the student keeps) and a kit fee of $2000, which is for all your professional equipment and mannequins.


For students paying the entire tuition up front, there will be a 10% reduction in tuition. *Please note this discount only applies if the student finishes at least 10 weeks of the course. If the student is dismissed or leaves the course for any reason in less than 10 weeks, the former student will forfeit the discount.


The VHA's agenda is a simple one: We are going to raise the bar in the hairdressing school industry.
We will do this by training you as if we are going to hire you. After finishing the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy course, you will be fully prepared for the realities of the beauty business and ready to begin your career in hairdressing.


Our curriculum is taken from the apprenticeship program created by Michael Levine in 1998 and used by Michael and his education team to train hundreds of young hairstylists, a training system that has helped produce 5 Canadian Hairdresser of the Year Award Winners. The training system at the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy has evolved into the fastest and most progressive way to train a new hairstylist anywhere in North America.

We will have you cutting hair on the first day, and colouring hair by the fourth day. It is intense, fast-paced and fun, but most important, practical. There is little emphasis placed on dated areas and techniques that are rarely used.


This course is for the student that wants to achieve the highest levels in the industry. If you have low-expectations of this business, there are plenty of other schools that can lead you to a career in mediocrity. We are only interested inteaching you how to be the best, most successful stylist you can be.


Our expectations are high; regular attendance and a great attitude are the minimum requirements. We are going to treat you more like an apprentice than a student. You will be held to a high level of professionalism, from dress code, to appearance, to customer service. After finishing this course, you will be prepared to set foot in any of the best salons in North America. And in many cases, you will help raise the bar for that company's standard of employee. 


Prices subject to change without notice




There are a lot of schools out there to learn how to cut and colour hair. In fact, there are probably too many hairdressing schools. The difference is, most schools' agenda is to teach the student to pass an archaic and unnecessary exam, while our agenda is to teach them to be hairdressers.

The course at the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy is designed to teach the student the most important aspects of the job that most schools never touch on, and all salon owners wish they would. How do we know all of this? We live and breathe salon hairdressing every single day.

Our system is condensed into a 6-month program, allowing our students to graduate sooner and for less tuition cost than most hairdressing schools.

And our exclusive relationship with the Michael Levine Salon Group gives our graduates an edge on all other students in Vancouver: We are working with the top editorial stylists in the world. This allows our students training and opportunities no other schools can offer.


What most schools don't want you to know is that the hair industry has been deregulated for many years. We no longer have to prepare students for an irrelevant exam.

Deregulation means we don't waste even a second of the students' time on anything that won't help to push them to be a successful hairstylist.

While most schools are sitting in a classroom discussing skin conditions, we are training our students in hands-on editorial styling. While most schools are showing how to wrap a perm and apply blue rinse, we are training our students to apply perfect foils in 45 minutes.

We're not saying we are better; it is just a completely different experience and concept, one based on a successful career and life in a high-end salon.



Rest assured, we absolutely are legal, legitimate and recognized by the government. Check us out with the PCTIA.

We have passed the same inspections, exams and criteria every single school must go through and our diploma holds the same weight as every other school. In fact, we like to think it holds a little more, since so few schools are run by and taught by people who ever made it in the hair industry. The VHA is run by one of the most successful salon owners and stylists in Canada and most of the instructors are currently working in high-end salons on clients. The advice and mentorship our students receive is truly outstanding.


As an aside, the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy is the only school that our parent company theMichael Levine Salon Group will hire from. This means any and all new talent hires in Caramel Salon and Space Salon will come from the VHA exclusively. Add to that that we have had graduates at prestigious salons like Suki's, Trim, Hype,Mohair,Eveline Charles, Hennessey, Moods, Supernova and many other fabulous locations all around Canada.



Many schools place low quality tools in their students' bags and often the first thing many students do is start replacing things. We disagree with the idea that students should be given poor quality gear, so we've had a distributor put together the best kit possible at the best price. We put top quality tools into your hands from the first day, because if you act like a professional, you will become a professional. Your scissors are very good. You receive 6 mannequin heads. You get every brush you could possibly need in your career. Your flat iron, clippers and blowdryer are all top quality. And because we have real buying power due to the fact that we have 2 large sister salons, your investment gets you outstanding tools that you will be able to use in your career for years and years.



Absolutely yes to both questions. We are registered both provincially with the PCTIA and federally with the Canada Revenue Agency. For RESPs, your banker will find us on the list of federally registered institions, and at the end of your course you will be issued a tax receipt and form allowing you to claim your academy expenses on your next tax return.



Michael is generally in the academy once a week to meet with students and generally delivers the resume and employment sessions personally. Usually Michael is involved in assisting students with their pre-exam as well, where he offers advice and coaching on where the student can improve their work. 

Since much of the cutting in the course is delivered via video instruction, students get Michael's instruction in the most consistant way possible; on video.



We've found that this method of instruction allows us the best, most consitant communication to our students. Constant repetition of the course material has our students learning and remembering our systems quickly and offers no confusion between instructors, the most common issue in most hairdressing schools.


We've created a culture based on sharing ideas and encouraging professional as well as life development. We'd love you to be a part of this experience.


The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy has 2 locations, Vancouver and Surrey

Vancouver location- 528 West Broadway (at Cambie), operating from Space Salon in the super cool Crossroads district. (Sunday thru Tuesday)

Nestled among some of Vancouver's favourite eateries and half a block from the Canada Line skytrain station, the VHA is one of the best hairdressing school environments in Canada. 2500 sf of incredible salon interior design (rated one of the Top 5 salon designs in North America at the 2014 NAHA Awards).


We chose this environment as it operated as has been of Vancouver's top salons for over 8 years. We feel if you start out correctly, professional success will be much easier to visualize and then realize.


South Surrey location- 101-2828 152nd Street in South Surrey. (Monday thru Wednesday)

We've chosen Panorama for our South Surrey location because of how central it is to Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale and Langley. We look forward to training staff for all the area salons in our new incredible location.


1400 sf of gorgeous, state of the art salon facilities make the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy- Surrey campus your best choice in the area to begin a career in hairdressing.


Each session is priced individually. Please check the contracts below for specific details on costs related the your session.


call 16046169179 or email for more information, or go directly to our

Vancouver Hairdressing Academy website for registration dates and costs.

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